Comfort Food Recipes

As the temperatures drop, we search for food to curl up with. Whether it be something filled with cheese – or just some classic comfort food. We have some fantastic recipes for you. In this month’s blog, you are sure to find the meal you are looking for. Let’s dive in.

What is Comfort Food?

So, what is comfort food anyway? And, is there actually a science behind it? In fact, there is! Comfort food got its name for a reason. That reason being it’s a meal that triggers some emotion. Often, it’s a childhood memory.

Do you bust out the chicken noodle soup recipe when you’re feeling sick? Us too! Because it reminds us of home. It reminds us of the family or a time where someone was there to care for us. Therefore, it is comfort food.

However, this meal may be different for each person. One person’s idea of comfort food is just another meal to someone else. It’s all about memories. So, if you’re feeling down, think of your favourite meal. Remember why you love that meal, and let it bring you the comfort you deserve. We all need to indulge. At least, every once in a while, we do.

For a more in-depth look at the science behind comfort food, check out Comfort Food: A Review by Science Direct.

Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner by Hilltop Acres

Oh, the classic turkey dinner. It’s bound to be comfort food for a lot of people out there. Maybe it makes you think of Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas? Either way – it’s a meal that makes us think of family. And for most, that’s a fantastic feeling.

However, cooking up a turkey dinner is quite the task. Not to mention, it’s normally planned for a large group of people. Therefore, it’s not always a go-to meal. Yet, if you are yearning for a comforting meal, there are a few options you can take. It’s time to think outside the box…

Firstly, ditch the thought of cooking a whole turkey. Did you know there are many other ways? At Hilltop Acres, we pride ourselves on having as many options as possible for you to try out. Whether you are looking to feed your whole family or just make a quick meal. Try out one of these options next time you visit us in-store.

For an easy alternative, try stuffing bone-in turkey breasts. Although you will miss the dark meat, it’s a quick and easy way to have that turkey dinner feeling. Not to mention, your home will smell like the holidays. This is our top suggestion if you are looking for that true comfort food feeling.

If you are willing to stray away from the classic recipes, we have something for you. Ontario Turkey is full of great ideas. Although, we think this one is a winner this month: Cranberry Turkey Kabobs. Get out there and use your grill before it’s too cold.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup by Hilltop Acres

As we mentioned, chicken noodle soup will always be near and dear to us. It’s easy, it’s delicious, but most of all, it’s the ultimate comfort food. So, time to cozy up with your favourite chicken noodle soup recipe as the cold weather rolls in.

Chicken noodle soup recipes are versatile. There is no right or wrong way to do it. But, we feel there are a few things that make it extra special. For us, there are two things that every chicken noodle soup recipe needs:

Firstly, it needs a good broth. Certainly, the broth is the star of the show when it comes to chicken noodle soup. It must have a rich, homestyle flavour. And the best way to get that is to make your own! Not to mention, you can cook your chicken then make your broth on the same day.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can find our chicken stock recipe in a previous blog. Here, you will also find some perfect vegetable options for your chicken noodle soup recipe.

Next, choose the right type of noodle. Depending on what you are used to, there are a few common types. We suggest using egg noodles for your chicken noodle soup recipe. Not only do they hold up, but you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out your local grocer and see what they have available. Not sure what the difference is? Chowhound explains it to you in their article What is the Difference Between Pasta and Egg Noodles? It’s worth a read.

Easy Comfort Food Recipes

Mac and Cheese by Hilltop Acres

Now that we’ve talked about our top two comfort food ideas, let’s talk about some quick and easy recipes for you to try out; if you are one that leans towards the “cheesy, carb-filled” types, then you probably think of meals like mac and cheese. That’s a top contender in the comfort food world. Even better, there are so many options. Really, the options are endless when it comes to mac and cheese. Try out one of these simple recipes today:

This 3-Ingredient Mac and Cheese is sure to please. How much more simple can it get? Simple, but oh so delicious.

For an added touch, try out this Baked Macaroni and Cheese. The ooey-gooey cheese on-top makes for a decadent meal. The only problem – you will have to wait for it in the oven. Your house will smell of comfort food to anyone who walks through the door.

Not into mac and cheese? Whip up one of these comfort food recipes for the family tonight. This Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Skillet comes together in just 30 minutes. It’s a spin on a classic app.

Or, try to recreate these Sloppy Joe Bombs using store-bought dough. Easy peasy and freezes well. Therefore, you can make ahead for a rainy day.

As we roll into the colder months, it’s always nice to have comfort foods ready to go. So, why not make these meals ahead of time and pop them in the freezer. Then, you’ll just need to reheat and eat!

Hilltop Acres always has items on sale, so be sure to keep an eye on our website for our Weekly Special. We are happy to have you visit us at our farm store and are ready to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today!


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