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What would you define as a unique shopping experience? We define it as one where the shopper is in an environment where they’re able to enjoy a rich variety of specialty items and products that are specific to that region as well as being in a place where the people are genuinely interested in sharing their passion for locally made products.

Shopping at a farm store or a farmers’ market is a truly unique experience. Unlike conventional grocery stores, farm stores aren’t setup in the same way. There are some obvious differences and reasons why farm store shopping is a truly memorable experience. These reasons include, the variety of food choices, the freshness of the items being sold as well as the guidance/assistance provided when there’s a struggle to make a choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that make the shopping experience at farm stores worthwhile.

The Feel of Our Farm Store

When customers go shopping for food and groceries, they’re looking for more than just low prices. The ambiance of the store impacts the overall experience customers have when they visit. Just think about it, as a consumer, you probably wouldn’t enjoy visiting a farm store if the atmosphere wasn’t pleasant. Customer attitudes are formed by several things like the atmosphere that is present when they make direct visits to stores, word of mouth from friends and other factors like the staff and the quality of food and products (which we talk about in more detail below).

Local Farm Store or Big Box Store

Going into a farm store, for many can mean feeling in control compared to the larger grocery stores where everything on a shelf is competing with each other. Customers often find themselves having to choose between cheaper low quality food with more quantity, and the more expensive high quality foods in smaller quantities. With farm stores, the foods come from the same places and are of equal quality, giving the customer a sense of control in the ability to make a choice without forfeiting one value for another.

Friendly Staff at Our Farm Store

Another big part of any shopping experience is excellent customer service. Walking into a store with welcoming faces with huge smiles definitely adds to the experience. In an intimate family owned farm store, you get a sense of belonging because these are people that want to be there, they want to serve you, and help you understand the kinds of food you’re buying. This is a contrasting experience from what you will get at the larger grocery stores.

There is also an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are supporting your local farmers, buying fresher, and probably cheaper foods too. It will keep you going back for more!

Believe it or not, small stores like these all form the backbone of many local economies. By shopping at these kinds of stores, you’re not only strengthening your local economy, you’re also building connections with the people that grow the foods you eat.

Fresh Food Sourced Locally

Shopping straight from the farmer means you can be rest assured knowing that your food didn’t travel a long way before getting on your plate. This is just one of the many benefits of buying from farmers markets and farm stores. You can also have full confidence that you’re buying from the experts, so if you have particular questions about a food item, they’ll most likely provide you with the answer you need, as opposed to directing you to confusing numbers and ingredients on the labels. Not to toot our own horn, but you can come visit our farm store in Bloomingdale, Ontario, to see the kinds of high quality food products (including specialty items) we have in stock that will contribute to a fine shopping experience.

Essentially, these three categories help contribute to a positive shopping experience. We’re firm believers that customers should always leave stores satisfied about the food and products they’ve purchased. If you visit a farm store, you’ll, without a doubt, have the amazing experiences discussed above and possibly more! Visit a farmers’ market, and you’ll definitely experience the uniqueness even more.

Shop and Save

A major contrast between doing your shopping at a local Farmers Market for Farm Store as opposed to the grocery store is the cost. The prices can be significantly cheaper, and they may be negotiable too. Customers sometimes find themselves going to the Farmer’s Market for one or two items and end up leaving with several bags, without feeling like they broke the bank, and a great sense of satisfaction. So basically, if you’re looking to shop for fresher foods, authentic specialty items and have fun at the same time, visit our Farm store near you. You’ll not only be supporting your local economy, but you’ll also be getting more than your money’s worth. Your first experience will have you coming back for more!


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