Meet Mike

Hi, I'm Mike!

Hilltop Acres Poultry's reputation is certainly a factor of why I work here.

I am proud to work for a family run company with such a long history of success and loyal customers.Mike at Hilltop Acres Poultry Products

Over five years ago I answered a job ad in the local newspaper looking for someone interested in working retail and able to lift heavy boxes. I was called in for an interview and this is when I met the owners, who I would then call my managers and today am honoured to call my friends.

At times, the work is hard and physical.

During our peak holiday seasons I work long hours. I must say, each and every day is rewarding and enjoyable. I can honestly say that I love my job and am good at it!

My most important responsibility is to keep our customers happy. I have a thorough knowledge of our products so if a customer is unsure of their decision, I can give them the appropriate advice.

Over the past five years I've built a strong rapport with my customers and look forward to seeing their friendly faces each week at the farm store.

Among other responsibilities, I help control stock levels and liaise with the owners accordingly. This is to make sure that we are neither over stocked, or understocked. Given my level of experience, I've taken on additional management duties and assist with training new employees.

For me a job is not only something that pays me (although I really like that part of it) but for all the hours and energy I put into my work, I want to feel good about the company that I work for.

Over the years, I've learned all facets of the business working closely and alongside the owners Don and Karen Reist, whom I admire and have the utmost respect for. They are truly a remarkable team and have an unbreakable strength.

As for a favourite memory or funny story, there are far too many to mention. Although there is one funny storey that comes to mind. It was a Market day and I was serving a young girl who asked for chicken feet. I asked her if she would like right feet or left feet? She looked confused and said that she wasn't sure and would have to call her mother. Unbeknownst to the young girl, her mother is a regular customer of mine. I could hear her asking her, "Mom, I'm at the market, do you want left feet or right chicken feet?" There was a pause, she looked up at me embarrassed and said "give me whatever you have and my mother knows it's you"

The day I was interviewed, I remember Karen saying to me "We work hard here but we also like to have fun!"

One of the many aspects that binds us here as a family is a shared sense of humour amongst all the employees.



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