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Do you have a hard time finding time to make dinner? What about grocery shopping? If you have a busy lifestyle, simple tasks like grocery shopping may seem daunting. Even more so, if you are looking for fresh, local products.

Thankfully, we would like to introduce Mrs. Grocery.

Hilltop Acres has become a part of the newest trend. Much like many grocers now offer, this website allows consumers to shop for their favourite local products online. However, it gets even better. Mrs. Grocery isn’t just an online grocer. This fantastic company offers delivery right to your doorstep. Does it get much easier than that? In this months blog, we will focus on our newest venture – giving you everything you need to know. Are you ready to get excited? We know that we are!

How It Works

This new exciting business helps connect local businesses with their consumers. Many individuals don’t have the time, or the ability to retrieve the items they desire most. Thats where Mrs. Grocery steps in. Whether you are unable to travel, lack transportation, or simply don’t want to leave your house – they’ve got you covered. This service provides an alternative to your everyday shopping experience.

Moreover, you are getting the best products. Your favourite local vendors can ship goods right to your doorstep. No questions asked! But, is it really that easy? YES! Customers can easily go online and create an account. (Or, you can simply check out a guest if you’d like.) Next, consumers can search through the products available. You have the choice of searching by the vendor, product or category. Find all your favourite local items online. Then, once you are finishing shopping its time to checkout. From there, you have 2 options:

  1. Pick up at the vendor location. With this option, the vendor will have your order ready to go at your desired time.
  2. Same day delivery. Delivery will always be same day as long as the order has been placed by 1pm. How great is that? 

Most importantly, when it comes to shipping, the pricing is very reasonable. Delivery is $10 for the first vendor and $5 for each additional. Remember, local vendors are not side by side. The drivers will be responsible for picking up at each location, then delivering to your address. It is THAT fresh. When your order arrives at your door, you have a few options for payment. At this time, Mrs. Grocery offers service by cash, credit or debit. 

Why Buy Local?

The real question here is why wouldn’t you buy local? Why wouldn’t you want the freshest products delivered right to your door? It seems like a no brainer for many Canadians. As of July 15th, 2019, people now have the option to choose from more than 20 vendors. Furthermore, it won’t just be about food. Mrs.Grocery has taken on local farms, pet emporiums, and children’s clothing boutiques.

While we understand that the experience of going to the market can be exciting, unfortunately many people don’t have the time or means of transportation. Not to mention, many vendors have to increase prices at farmers markets due to higher overhead costs. As a result, local artisans cannot sell the products to customers at a price they are happy with. For this reason, many shops have switched to online grocery shopping. Mrs.Grocery has created the perfect outlet for local shopping. Market freshness is now available at the click of a button. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Convenience is key. At Hilltop Acres, we are excited to be a part of this amazing venture.

So, back to our main question; Why should you buy local?

Buying local gives consumers a sense of assurance. Assurance that they know where their food is coming from. Additionally, they know their products haven’t been sitting on a truck for days. Did you know that many imported products travel a minimum of 2500 KM before reaching your place? In fact, many off-season items are ripened artificially. Therefore, not only is buying local better – but safer! Luckily, if you have any questions or concerns, your local farmer is just a short drive, or a quick phone call away. And now, you don’t even need to leave your home.

How Do Mrs.Grocery Prices Compare to the Grocery Store?

Most importantly, Mrs.Grocery wants you to know they aren’t looking to make a considerable profit. Products will not be marked-up. You get what you pay for, and don’t settle for anything more than that. The delivery charges cover the costs of the driver, but in comparison to other online shopping sites, the prices are very reasonable. Stores such as Loblaws offer delivery services now. However, patrons are charged an initial fee and then charged per KM. Unfortunately, that adds up quick – Especially if you live in a rural area. With this in mind, it doesn’t seem like much to pay for the best products. Don’t you agree?

On another note, this company is helping to make our world a better place. Shopping locally means you lighten your ecological footprint. Today’s society has become more suburban than ever. It is your job to contribute to the proactive movement to preserve our landscape. Compensating farmers fairly for the products they produce means they will be less likely to sell green space to make ends meet. By supporting your local farmers today, you are helping to ensure that there will be farms in your community for years to come!

Mrs. Grocery has allowed us to continue to bring the best products, at the best prices to our consumers. You will no longer see us at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market, but now our products can be shipped right to your door. Alternatively, you can still order online on our website and pick up at our farm store. We would love to meet you! When we take away the middlemen, shopping becomes a personalized experience. Thankfully, this company has created a better way for us to connect with our buyers. Loyal buyers just like you!

Are you ready to get started? Head over to the Mrs.Grocery website today!


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