We are so thankful for all of the reviews from our customers! We always strive to have the best in customer service and offer a great selection of fresh products.

Yesid Pena

Great products! Everything fresh! Great prices!

Tania Morcinek

Service was excellent!

Stevie Oliveira

Worth the drive. Best tasting poultry, excellent service! I❤LOCAL

Leah McCulloch

I love Hilltop! I have been one of their loyal customers for years now. They have the best quality of poultry, eggs and local produce that you can find in the Region. They are a small family-run farm store that treats its customers like they are part of the family.

Alison Linder

These people went above and beyond. They accidentally forgot to pack our eggs (our mistake as well) we called to inquire about the mix-up. They actually DELIVERED the eggs to our house. Thank you so much everyone.

David Brown

Always awesome. Best chicken in KW. Prices better than a supermarket and far better quality.

Barry Cripps

My experience at Hilltop poultry was excellent as usual. I got the biggest turkey drumsticks that I have seen. I normally go to Central Meat Market in Kitchener but they were out of turkey drumsticks. From no9w on I will be buying them at Hilltop Poultry as I've always bought my chicken wings there at least for quite a while anyway). I love that place.

Diane Taitt

Best chicken… great service.

Dan Brown

Excellent poultry!

Wayne McGill

Always great service and selection.

Jayne Marie Ferko

I buy my chicken and beef here. I love their striploin steaks for barbecuing. They are always so tender and juicy! Their chickens are amazing as well!

Mariola Izydor-Fik

Love this place, we take a drive in from Mississauga once a month. The quality of the product is amazing.

Leyla Polivanova

Fresh good quality poultry meat. They always have yummy treats - peanut butter cookies.

Aaron Hintz

Amazing staff and amazing products!

Garett Roussy

Good meat… great prices!

Mike Gillis

Great family run business. Would definitely recommend for poultry products! Knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Brittany Broderick

Amazing food!!! Quality is by far the best I’ve ever had for turkey. The staff is incredibly kind and make a point of remembering you. Every experience has been a great experience.

Mike Willis

Great selection of really fresh poultry. Very knowledgeable staff and extremely friendly. I will definitely be back!

Nicky Peters

Great selection. The duck eggs are a hit.

Mitchell Beim

Great selection of good quality turkey and chicken at decent prices. We stop by every 2-3 weeks to stock up the freezer. We also pick up some honey or fresh vegetables from time to time and always manage to grab a cookie or two.

George Derderian

Good clean display of fresh meats, poultry, eggs, turkey products, pepperettes, kolbossa sausage and much, much more. I go and pick up fresh eggs every week!!! Go and shop there for all your fresh foods!!!

Michael E. Martin

Great products and great people to deal with, will miss them at St. Jacobs Market, but happy to visit at the farm store.

Covey Baby

Best tasting meat I've ever had! And, of course, it's the best possible meat for you! Staff are so awesome and helpful, and there are little homemade baked treats for you while you’re there!

Reinhard Drobig

Good quality products, very nice service.

Justin Macdonald

Fantastic quality products. So nice to have around.

Wat Bo

Best chicken/turkey anywhere. The only place I shop for chicken, duck eggs, and lots more. A pleasure to visit the farm store.

Rick Almeida

Good selection, fresh food, such friendly staff. Always a pleasure shopping here.

S Hamill

Best staff - best products!

Johnny Arba

Great people - good meats.

Esther Wirick

We love shopping here. Quality is amazing, service is stellar and it's a great place to bring the kids. They usually have free freshly baked goods and a play area for the kids. Prices are excellent too. The turkey breakfast sausage is the best we've ever had.

Scott Hart

I absolutely love this place great staff and fantastic food. Best poultry place in the region by far.

Stefan Alexander

High-quality poultry, I go here regularly. Call ahead or order online to save time.

Kathy Orser

Great meat - always get our Thanksgiving and Christmas bird here. Fantastic prices and soooo much better than the grocery store.

Terence McGuire

This is without a doubt the best place to buy poultry in Waterloo Region!

Richard Violette

Called today to order my fresh turkey for our family Christmas dinner. Great customer service over the phone, and most importantly, very convenient pick-up times all the way until the 24th! I can`t wait to roast up our local bird! Support your local farmers!

David Ball-Quenneville

Every three months my wife and I drive from Toronto to go to Hilltop Acres Poultry Products. We per-order by phone and everything is nicely packaged up. We love their turkey thighs and duck eggs.

Jay Penney

Really good place for all of your bird needs. Chicken, duck, Cornish hen, goose, turkey and so on.

Lloyd Fridenburg

Absolute best poultry shop in this area. Staff are always friendly, prompt, and helpful. Don't expect a quick in and out if you come right before a major holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter, but the rest of the year is a breeze. This family-run business is one of our preferred destinations for premiere, antibiotic-free, local poultry.

Mitchel Walker

The quality and variety of the products and the services provided are nothing short of exceptional. The prices cannot be beaten, ordering online is very convenient, and the folks that work here are incredibly kind and hard-working. I go religiously and within my first 4 visits, they began to greet me by name - talk about customer service! They've made another long-term customer and deserve every penny.

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